apostlefredprice Apostle Frederick K.C. Price is the Founder of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) in Los Angeles, California.  He began CCC in 1973, and since then, the church has grown to become a world-renowned ministry, where services are held in the FaithDome.

In 1978, Apostle Price received instruction from God to begin a television broadcast, and as a result, Ever Increasing Faith Ministries (EIFM) began its broadcast in five television markets.  Since then, the television broadcast has become global.  EIFM can be viewed on 132 stations in all 50 states and in 6 foreign countries.  Apostle Price is also heard on 15 radio programs and 19 Internet broadcast stations. Additionally, he can be seen on most Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

In 1990, Apostle Price founded the Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), now the Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries.  And in 2001, he established an East Coast church – Crenshaw Christian Center East.
A visionary and prolific author, Apostle Price is the author of some 50 books on faith, healing, prosperity, and the Holy Spirit.  How Faith Works is a classic book on the operation of faith and its life-changing principles.

Although he had already operated in the five-fold ministry gift of an Apostle, in 2008, Apostle Price was publicly affirmed as an Apostle of Faith.  Under the mantle of the teaching gift, Apostle Price established several schools for ministry and formal education at CCC.  Among them are Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools (Preschool to 12th grade); the Ministry Training Institute in 1985; a CCC Correspondence School; the Frederick K.C. Price School of the Bible; and in 2008, the Apostle Price Ministry Training Center.  Over the years, Apostle Price received many prestigious awards and, most notably, was the recipient of The Horatio Alger Award and the Kelly Miller Smith Interfaith Award.

A year after his affirmation and after more than 35 years of service, Apostle Price stepped aside as Pastor of CCC to formally install his son, Pastor Frederick K. Price Jr., as his successor.  He is currently the Presiding Prelate of CCC West and East. He followed suit with FICWFM in 2011 when he formally installed Dr. Michael A. Freeman (Pastor of Spirit of Faith Christian Center) as FICWFM President. Today, Apostle Price serves as Chairman of the Board in both CCC and FICWFM.  Apostle Price not only ministers in the FaithDome, but continues to travel the world, mostly in the United States, teaching the uncompromising Word of God.

A devout husband, Apostle Price has been married to Dr. Betty Price for 61 years.  They are the proud parents of four children, ten grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.

Dr.-Betty Dr. Betty R. Price (lovingly referred to as Dr. Betty by many) is an Assistant Minister and the wife of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC).

Educated in Los Angeles’ public schools, Dr. Betty received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree in January 1994 from South Los Angeles Ministry School. She has received many honors from various government agencies and other organizations over the years for her community involvement.   Among her most heralded accolades is being named the 1984 “Woman of the Year” by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women in the Second District for her community work.

Her love and concern for others have led to the establishment of numerous programs and groups at Crenshaw Christian Center over the years. They included a Big Sisters/Little Sisters Program spearheaded by young ladies; an Alcohol/Drug Abuse and Co-Dependency Program; Intercessory Prayer Network; Cancer Support Group; Community Outreach Program; the Vermont Village Community Development Corporation (VVCDC), an effort to revitalize the Vermont Avenue corridor in Los Angeles; a Women’s Fellowship, which has served as a prototype for many women’s fellowships throughout the country; and a Women Who Care ministry that provides a network of support for hurting women today. The mission of Women Who Care is based on Titus 2:3-5 and Galatians 6:1-5. Most recently, Dr. Betty became co-Chair of the First Ladies Health Initiative in Los Angeles.

An author of several books, Dr. Betty shares how to obtain faith-sustaining health, prosperity, and joy through biblical teachings. Some of her titles include “Wisdom From Above (Volumes 1&2)”; “Standing By God’s Man,” illustrating her victory in maintaining a 61-year marriage and a loving family life; and her cancer-survivor memoir, “Through the Fire & Through the Water: My Triumph Over Cancer,” which has served as a tremendous source of inspiration and healing for thousands of cancer patients and their families. Her most recent book, “Warning To Ministers, Their Wives And Mistresses” is a profound clarion call for greater integrity in the church.

Dr. Betty’s loving and generous spirit, coupled with her virtuous character, make her exemplary and an excellent role model to women everywhere. Dr. Betty currently travels throughout the United States and foreign countries ministering God’s Word in different churches with her husband and daughters. She and Apostle Price have four children, ten grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.