888 Poker Australia – one of the most convenient online casinos for gamers

The existence of online poker Australia has always generated controversy from the government. Currently, the situation has been adjusted, moreover, many legal virtual clubs have appeared where you can play free online poker and for real money. Australian players choose only reliable online casinos, among which 888 Poker Australia is worth highlighting.

Online 888 Poker Australia: is it legal or not?

Ever since Australia banned online poker, players have migrated to shady gambling sites that are not regulated by the Australian government. Players today have a larger selection of unregulated poker games and sites than ever before. In turn, government officials intend to continue blocking poker sites. But do not forget the fact that new sites are constantly appearing, and Australian players have the risk of losing their money in them. This is why the Australian government decided that:

  1. It is necessary to legalize online poker in Australia to prevent Australian players from losing large sums of money in illegal online casinos.
  2. This fact realizes not only the problem of loss of players’ funds, but also provides huge taxes to the country’s budget.

According to the actions described above, it was decided to carefully regulate the gambling market, and not block operators. As a result, Australian players have the opportunity to enjoy poker in the best and most legal virtual clubs.

Features of one of the best online casinos – 888 Poker Australia

Poker 888 in Australia is one of the leading poker rooms in the world offering the largest online poker no deposit bonus of $ 88. The site has a functional desktop client and a mobile application that support dozens of game formats. Online at its peak reaches 8-10 thousand users, and the average rakeback is 30%. Players are rewarded with tickets to private freerolls for funding their account, in addition, there are many regular open and closed freerolls with prize pools of $ 100 and more. Let’s take a look at the main features that make Australian players choose this particular online casino:

  • 888 poker league, where players can compete in poker tournaments;
  • Presented tables on Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Stud Hi / Lo, Omaha and Omaha Hi / Lo in three varieties: limit, pot-limit and no-limit;
  • The platform supports dozens of payment systems and quickly verifies user accounts;
  • The 888 Poker Australia club loyalty program has a total of 1500 levels. Upon reaching each level, the player receives a certain number of gold tokens, which can later be exchanged for valuable prizes or tournament tickets.

Australian Poker 888 is a good room for both novice players and mid-stakes regulars, as it is difficult to imagine a weaker field of players than here, and high player traffic allows you to choose tables well and find the weakest lineups.

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